Best Tracks to Listen to While Studying

Why Classical Music Helps Studying and What You Should Listen to

Many sources suggest that listening to classical music helps with studying.

To save you from wasting time and to help you use your studying time wisely - we’ve done our research and have prepared some background information and some tracks so you can try it out before the test.

Since you probably have a lot of studying to do, we will get right into the facts!  

Facing the Music

So whether you have some revising, term paper writing, or studying to do - classical music is something you should consider listening to while completing these tasks. But before we start - it’s important to remember that listening to classical music while studying will not make you a genius and give you a 100% in every class.

Listening to classical music, by composers like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven, will help you concentrate, relax, elevate your mood, and open your mind. How so you may ask?

Several researchers have found that “music puts students in a heightened emotional state, making them more receptive to information.” Therefore, listening to music will help you retain more information than you would without music.

Music helps you relax, even when you aren’t paying close attention. So if you have some classical music playing while studying and you’re paying more attention to the words in your textbook than the music, you’re more relaxed than you would be if you sat in silence.

If you try studying and feel like nothing is working, it will elevate your mood if nothing else. This is because music can raise dopamine levels which makes you happier. This benefit of music has already been proven several times because it has been used to treat depression.

The last point certain researchers bring up is that it can open your mind. Listening to Bach songs that have intricate patterns can maximize your brain’s ability to take everything in. However, this belief may need some more research since other researchers believe listening to piano solos and staying away from large orchestral pieces will bring more benefits.

Tracks to Listen To

Now that you know the possible ways classical music could help you while studying, we will introduce some classical playlists that you should listen to.

Bach’s Goldberg Variations

As Classicfm suggests, Bach can help open your mind. In the article they suggest listening to an intricate Bach pattern like the Goldberg Variations. The video they provide is pretty short. Here is a link that plays Goldberg Variations for over an hour.  

Pachebel’s Canon in D

Canon in D is a great song to study to because of its steady piano sound. This song is best to listen to when trying to concentrate. It is also a well-known song, so if you are familiar with the tune you don’t need to pay much attention to the song when playing it.

Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1

Gymnopédie No. 1 is a song on the piano that is very slow and has a very simple melody. This song can help with concentration or relaxation. Listening to simple songs can help with brainstorming as well. The melody is so calming.  

girl working at computer without headphones on staring out window
Sometimes when listening to the simplest melodies, your biggest thoughts will come. Image courtesy of iStock.

Brahms' Academic Festival Overture

Hence the song’s name - Academic Festival Overture - it must be a good one to listen to while working. Because of the song’s fast and exciting melody, it is good to listen to this when reading long passages of text. This will help you fly through it.

girl laying on floor with headphones and reading book
Finding a song that matches your reading time can help you stay on track. Image courtesy of Freepik.

Zimmer’s Time

The song Time from the movie Inception is well recognized by many people. This song is heavy and is played with a lot of power. This song is great when a lot of concentration or focus is needed.  

Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23

Another Mozart favorite, Piano Concerto No. 23 is next on the list. Just like other songs by Mozart, it has lots of rising melodies. The mix of melodies and rhythms in the song will help you get in the right mindset to study.

woman laying on couch with headphones on
Sometimes it’s best to listen to some classical music before studying to assure you are in the right mindset. Image courtesy of Today Show.

What if it Doesn’t Work For You

Now that you heard, pun intended, the six songs that will help you concentrate, relax, elevate your mood, and open your mind - go give them a try! If you find that these songs distract you while studying, maybe turn it down and play it in the background so it’s not overwhelming you.

Other studies have said that individuals retain more information when they take quick breaks in between studying. That research is true with classical music too. When you are taking a break, listen to some classical music. It will help clear and refresh your mind for the next set of knowledge you need to retain.  

Next time you have a big final up, dust off your textbooks, blast some Beethoven, and study till you fall asleep. Remember, listening to classical music is not a guarantee for success, but you might just gain some new favorite songs in the process!

Edited by Cara Jernigan on January 17, 2021

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