History Made at 62nd Annual Grammy Awards for Jon Samson

Music Therapist Samson takes home the Grammy for his Children's Music Album "Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype"

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On Sunday, January 26, the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony saw Brooklyn-based musician and music therapist, Jon Samson, winning the award for Best Children’s Music Album for his album, “Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype.”

This win is important for a few different reasons. To start, Samson has an extremely limited following on all social media platforms. 

“My platform is still in its infancy. As of now, I have a pretty small following on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. I’m pointing this out for two reasons. 1. It’s a testament to the Recording Academy voting process, which is based solely on the art, not the numbers. 2. There are a lot of talented musicians and music therapists out there, and I am proof that your work can be recognized even if you don’t have game,” says Samson. 

Another reason Samson’s Grammy win is important is that it brings attention to the importance of children’s music, as well as music therapy. Jon Samson runs a company called CoCreative Music. His company offers music therapy, education, and studio recording, which encourages healing and creativity. With Samson’s Grammy win comes the hope to spread positivity, and promote music therapy. Samson wants to encourage artists of all genres and mediums to use their talents to help others recognize their talents. 

As with most pieces of music, each song on “Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype” has its own meaning and message to share with listeners. While the album may have won an award in a children’s music category, children are certainly not meant to be the only people listening to it. People of all ages should be able to listen to “Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype” and have their minds opened to all sorts of concepts. 

In this album, Samson uses his 15 years worth of experience working with children and adults as a music therapist to discuss the challenges that we all face- while we’re young and as we grow older. Some of the themes and messages that Samson brings to light on the album include maintaining a childlike sense of magic ,while also noticing and paying attention to the negative things happening in the world. This message is prevalent in the first track on the album, “Predicament.” 

Samson wrote this album with the idea that everybody would be able to listen to the album and there would be different messages for all ages and stages of development. 

“My ultimate hope for Ageless was to create songs that would uplift and inspire all ages (on various levels) while also addressing some of the more challenging aspects of the human condition,” Samson says. 

“Anxiety,” the second track on the album, focuses on the struggles of anxiety, while also offering words of self-encouragement. “Video Game” addresses the constant repetitiveness of each day and what challenges and struggles each day brings- one after the other. 

“Focus on What You Want” tells listeners that while there may be negative things happening, and acknowledging them is important, focusing on the positive things and what we want, are even more important. “Focus on This Moment” serves as a reminder to live in the moment and celebrate what is happening right now, right in front of you. 

When asked how his triumph at the Grammy Awards would benefit the future of music therapy, Samson had this to say: 

“My endgame is to help music and the creative arts therapy field expand more into mainstream education and beyond, as clinical goals and objectives are not the only context for our modalities. If personal development, growth and transformation became mainstream goals for all humans, we could embed holistic wellness and sustainability practices into the blueprint of the education system.” 

“Ageless: Songs for the Child Archetype” is available to stream and purchase on most music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and iTunes. 

Below is a clip of an improvised song one of Samson’s students, Darya, created spontaneously about the education system. The song was not pre-written or rehearsed.

Edited by Cara Jernigan on January 16, 2021

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