Looking For More Online Music Therapy Content? Check Out These Music Therapists On TikTok

These Are The Music Therapists On TikTok That We Can’t Get Enough Of.

If you don’t know where to look, it can be hard to find good music therapy content on social media. With thousands of hours of video content uploaded to social media platforms each minute, you might feel overwhelmed trying to navigate all of that information.

Interested in getting in-touch with the TikTok music therapy community but don’t know where to start? Here are some of the music therapists on TikTok that we can’t get enough of. 

colorful plastic cups
On TikTok, music therapists Aj and Erica use colorful cups in their music therapy activities. 

Aj + Erica: @theonewith.music.therapy

Aj and Erica are two board certified music therapists on TikTok who focus on all things music therapy. With over 1.3 million likes and 32.8 thousand followers, Aj and Erica are very prolific in the online music therapy community. 

The Bells Are Back

In their TikTok videos, Aj and Erica often incorporate bells into their musical exercises and playing activities. Through their adaptive sheet music series, these music therapists share musical bell exercises that help individuals work on their:

  • Executive functioning
  • Coordination
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Memory
  • Multitasking
  • Visual processing
  • Sustained attention

Through their different bell TikToks and exercises, Aj and Erica manipulate elements of music to help their viewers with non-musical goals. 

Outside of TikTok, these music therapists work with kids with emotional behavior disorders. According to the duo, their clients usually struggle with attention skills, organization skills, and quick thinking skills. Because of this, Aj and Erica use bells for intervention activities that help clients improve in all of these skill areas. 


Aj and Erica also make TikToks with boomwhackers, sharing musical therapy interventions that are similar to the bell interventions. 

Through these boomwhacker activities, Aj and Erica explain that clients can work on:

  • Visual processing
  • Turn taking
  • Attention
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Impulse control
  • Memory
  • Group cohesion
  • Executive skills
  • Motor coordination

In their TikToks, Aj and Erica also emphasize that no musical knowledge or experience is required to complete exercises involving boomwhackers. 

Cups and Rhythm

On their TikTok page, Aj and Erica have a wide range of musical therapy activities involving multicolored cups. 

In their cup videos, Aj and Erica will line up four cups that are either light green, dark green, red, or pink. Each color corresponds with a different musical beat value:

  • Light green = quarter notes
  • Dark green = one set of eighth notes
  • Red = one beat rest
  • Pink = one set of sixteenth notes

Using wood rhythm sticks, the two musical therapists move along the different cups and tap out the rhythm to a popular song. While one of them is tapping to the rhythm, the other musical therapist switches and inserts different colored cups to change the rhythm mid-song. 

Through these cup activities, clients improve their: 

  • Processing speed
  • Reaction time
  • Sustained attention
  • Impulse control

The board certified duo also has TikToks of modified cup interventions for individuals who are color blind. Instead of having clients use the color of the cups to inform their tapping, people interested in trying the activity can tape different shapes to the cups and assign the same note values to triangle, squares, and circles.

a notepad resting on a brown guitar
For ASL_Anissa, songwriting with her clients is an important part of their music therapy sessions. 

ASL_Anissa: @asl_anissa

In addition to being a music therapist, ASL_Anissa also posts American Sign Language content on TikTok. 

With 17.7 thousand followers, ASL_Anissa posts singing TikToks, as well as TikToks that show the activities she uses during music therapy sessions. In one of her TikToks, ASL_Anissa uses a yoga ball with one of her clients while listening to an upbeat song. With the incorporation of the yoga ball, a music therapist is able to combine movement and music in a therapy session.

In her other videos, ASL_Anissa discusses how she uses songwriting with some of her clients. During a songwriting session, this music therapist offers her clients different chord progressions that they can then pick from to form the base of their song. 

After this, she has her clients say different words over the chords and music. From here, the clients keep experimenting with words until they find a phrase that they like and repeat often. 

the TikTok app open on an iPhone
While there are music therapists on TikTok who have a large audience, there are also some music therapists with smaller followings. 

Other Music Therapists

Across TikTok, there are tons of music therapy accounts that are producing great content — even with relatively smaller audiences. Here are some of the accounts that are up-and-coming in the music therapy scene. 

Music Therapy & Me: @musictherapyandme

This music therapy account may have a limited number of followers, but it has a large amount of musical therapy research and practice information. 

The Music Therapy & Me account breaks down the differences between objectivism and interpretivism, new findings in the music therapy field, and also stresses the importance of research for practicing musical therapists. 

Molly Warren: @olivebranchmusictherapy

This musical therapist’s TikTok is centered around what it’s like to be a working music therapist

Often using humor to discuss the joys and challenges of being a working professional, Warren’s TikToks also address the ways music therapists can give their clients a safe space to emote. 

Samantha Foote: @samjfoote

Both a board certified music therapist and a parent coach, Samantha Foote makes TikToks to educate people on what music therapy really is and the ways that music therapy can be used to help children improve their motor and communication skills. 

Foote shares fun songs with her followers, including music that can be used to help children work on counting, gross motor skills, and getting through difficult daily routines. Foote also talks about Music Together books that parents can use to sing and read with their children. 

Milliebilliebaby: @milliebilliebaby

Although Milliebilliebaby isn’t an actual music therapist, she is a teacher who employs music therapy activities and techniques in her classroom. 

In most of her TikToks, Milliebilliebaby is singing songs with her classes of fourth and fifth grade students. In these videos, the children are using music to have fun and take breaks in the midst of the usual work and stress of the school day. 

the TikTok app open on an iPhone
Social media can be used as a tool that can improve people’s lives, and through TikTok, music therapists are spreading awareness about their practices. 

As TikTok continues to grow, so does the music therapy community on the platform. By checking out all of these music therapists, you’ll be able to learn more about music therapy and discover new musical activities that you can do right from the comfort of your home. 

Annabeth Collis
Annabeth Collis is a writer from Buffalo, NY.
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